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FTC launches new website to stop false claims in the weight loss industry – ABC Action News

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The Federal Trade Commission has launched a website to try and stop false claims in the weight loss industry.

“Some ads for weight loss products promise miracles. They might say that the product works for everyone or will let you lose weight permanently. Those claims are lies,” the

FTC wrote on their website.

The FTC’s new site

helps consumers identify false weight-loss claims like the following in this video:


Woman says she was told by her doctor to lose weight. Then she discovered it was cancer

Dr. Scott Kahan with the National Center for Weight & Wellness said, “what most people tend to think about in terms of addressing obesity, losing weight is all the stuff that’s advertised to us online and TV commercials and such, which is like dietary supplements and various diets and such, and there’s little or no evidence that those things actually work and in some cases they may be dangerous.”

Currently, there are nine FDA-approved drugs and other research proven methods to help treat obesity; the problem is consumer’s insurance may not cover them.

New government data shows 38% of adults are obese, but only 1% have used on obesity drug due to having to pay out of pocket.

“Imagine if only 1% of people with cancer got medical treatment for it or if only 1% of people with diabetes got a diabetes medication for it. We would be up in arms but that’s exactly the situation with obesity,” said Dr. Scott Kahan.

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