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Running for weight loss: Tips on how much to run to lose weight – PINKVILLA

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Can running actually help to lose weight? Many people are confused if it actually works. Know everything about running and weight loss.

People who choose running for weight loss must keep in mind that nutrients are equally important. Running is a great way to burn those calories and also build up cardiovascular function. Running doesn’t mean you don’t concentrate on your diet. Diet is equally important.


If you’re choosing running as an exercise to lose weight, consistency is the key. You need to run regularly. Running once a week won’t help you lose weight. Although, running everyday can be difficult. However, make it a point to run at least 3-4 times a week.

Running for weight loss

Beginner Running Schedules:

Type of Runner

Running distance


Completely new to running

One Mile

4 weeks

For beginners who can run for a minute

30 minute running habit

3 weeks

For beginners who can run for at least half a minute

Two Miles

4 weeks

Every time you run, try and increase your distance. Researchers say that running slowly for 30 minutes helps to burn more calories than running for 10 minutes at a faster pace. If you run at a faster pace, you will exhaust yourself. Running slowly will help you run more times a week.


Running doesn’t mean you don’t watch your diet

Many people think that running means you’re burning a lot of calories and you don’t need to diet. Your weight loss goals can’t be achieved only with running. Balance is the key.

Eating healthy

Increase the number of times you run per week

The more you run the faster and better results you will see. It will help you burn more calories.

Start with walks

If you’re new to this, don’t directly start with running. Start with slow walks and then slow running and eventually running.

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